CSU Spur Scholarship
For students from 80216

CSU System institutions are proud to announce the CSU Spur Scholarship

Students who have lived in the 80216 zip code for at least two years are eligible upon admission to a CSU System institution (CSU, CSU Pueblo, CSU Global) for the need-based CSU Spur Scholarship, which grants students in good academic standing up to $2,500 annually for four years. 

As a need-based scholarship, eligible students receive financial aid packages from their institution of admission; thus, the Spur Scholarship funds may be used for any student needs such as textbooks, housing, or food. The Scholarship will be awarded beginning in Fall 2021. 

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  • What is the CSU Spur Scholarship?

    All students who have lived in 80216 for at least two years, are eligible upon admission to a CSU System institution (CSU, CSU Pueblo, CSU Global) for the need-based CSU Spur Scholarship, which grants up to $2,500 annually per student for four years. Students must maintain good academic standing to be named a recipient.

  • Which institutions are participating in this scholarship?

    The Scholarship is available at all CSU System institutions, which include CSU, CSU Pueblo, and CSU Global.

  • When does the scholarship begin?

    The Spur Scholarship begins for Fall 2021 admitted students and will not be retroactive to students previously enrolled.

  • Who can apply?

    The student eligibility criteria is as follows:

    • Colorado resident as verified by the institution at point of admission
    • First-year undergraduate
    • Resident of zip code 80216 for at least two years prior to high school graduation
    • Demonstrate financial need as determined by each institution
    • Completion of the institution’s scholarship application
    • Recurring scholarship awarded upon assessment of ‘good academic standing’
  • How do I apply?

    The CSU Spur Scholarship does not require a separate application. Upon admission to a CSU System institution (CSU in Fort Collins, CSU Pueblo, or CSU Global) you will fill out a standard application for financial aid, and any student who meets the CSU Spur Scholarship requirements will be automatically considered for the aid.

  • What is the process of awarding this scholarship to students?

    The process for students to be awarded, includes:

    1. Students apply for aid through their CSU System institution (CSU, CSU Pueblo, CSU Global) central campus aid application. All students who are deemed eligible through this process will be placed in a prospective applicant pool. 
    2. A committee will evaluate all prospective scholarship awardees, to determine awardee status and level of scholarship granted. The committee may determine the scholarship amount based on the level of need for each student. 
    3. The scholarship is automatically renewed up to a total of four years as long as the student maintains good academic standing, as determined by the institution.
  • How much money does the CSU Spur Scholarship provide?

    These are need-based scholarships for students in the 80216 zip code, which are available up to $2,500 per year for each student awardee. The scholarship is available for up to four years, given that students maintain good academic standing with their respective institution. 

  • Is the scholarship retroactive?

    No. The Spur Scholarship begins in Fall 2021 for admitted students at a CSU System institution, and is not retroactive for students previously enrolled.

  • Are there restrictions on how the scholarship funds can be used?

    No. The CSU Spur Scholarship is a need-based scholarship. Eligible students will receive other financial aid packages from their institution of admission, so the Spur Scholarship will provide up to $2,500 annually, which can be used for other student needs such as textbooks, housing, or food.

  • What is CSU Spur?

    In 2022, the CSU Spur campus will open to the public in Denver as part of the redevelopment of the National Western Center. CSU Spur will have three buildings with a focus on water, food, and health – and will be focused on providing hands-on educational opportunities to all learners, and inspiring the next generation to work on the globe’s most important issues.

  • Why is this scholarship focused on 80216?

    CSU Spur has been an active member of the communities within the 80216 zip code since 2013, as part of a goal to be a good neighbor to nearby residents. The CSU System institutions believe that all students should have the opportunity to attain higher education, and this scholarship is part of the commitment of the CSU System, and its institutions, to provide educational opportunities to students who live in the historically under-resourced, culturally rich communities near the new CSU Spur campus. This action represents what is in the direct control of the CSU System to ensure the impact of our new campus adds to the long-term educational and economic opportunities of nearby residents.


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