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For the local and global community

CSU Spur is a destination for art

CSU Spur will be an art destination that reflects the local and global communities, a true union of art and science, and the CSU System is proud to be a part of bringing new artwork into the community. The CSU System selected eight artists, four from Colorado, to activate the CSU Spur campus with one-of-a-kind, large-format art installations. Each have a brilliant and unique approach that will add to the Denver landscape with meaningful, sustainable, and inspiring works reflecting a diversity of thought and artistic approach.

Anthony Garcia, Sr. | Priscila De CarvalhoJason Bruges | Norman Lee & Shane AllbrittonSandra Fettingis | Nikki PikePatrick MaroldEric Tillinghast
Artistic rendering of Anthony Garcia and his proposed mural art

Whirlpool : Anthony Garcia, Sr. (Birdseed Collective)

Hydro alley; June 2022

Denver, CO

Anthony will host community art/environmental workshops at RedLine Contemporary Art Center and Birdseed Collective as part of this piece, as well as provide stipends to adult and youth volunteers for painting the project. This piece will fully wrap the alleyway with a loud, vibrant pattern that welcomes visitors and creates a portal-like experience when walking through it.  

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Artistic rendering of Priscila De Carvalho and her proposed mural art

Animals at Play : Priscila De Carvalho

Vida interior; Aug. 2021

Long Island, NY

The ceramic mural evokes a dreamlike landscape with botanical imagery displaying native flowers symbolic of growth and continuity. This visual narrative features images of cats, birds, dogs, and horses as part of the programming at Vida. Noble stallions pay tribute to Native tribes, culture, and history.

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Artistic rendering of Jason Bruges and his proposed bridge art

Rotation Index : Jason Bruges

CSU Spur bridge; Nov. 2021

London, UK

The cellular surface will be formed from a matrix of rings that will digitally represent live experiments happening within the campus. The rings take inspiration from the fields of Colorado, the use of circular patterns within data visualizations, and the idea of an angular mechanism filling and emptying.

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Artistic rendering of Shane Allbritton and Norman Lee and their proposed horse mural

Vital Rhythms : Norman Lee & Shane Allbritton (RE:site Studio)

Vida facade; Aug. 2021

Houston, TX

The concept reinterprets the electrocardiogram (ECG) vital signs and other data visualizations of horses at various modes of activity into an expansive and dimensional mural of a horse, then uses varying sizes and colors of tropical hardwoods to create each vital sign data cluster.

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Artistic rendering of Sandra Fettingis and her proposed wall art

Tomorrow's Food : Sandra Fettingis

Terra interior; Nov. 2021

Denver, CO

The concept is to engage users with the innovative ideas of the future of food. The suspended lit installation directly responds to the building and surrounding neighborhood community. It offers the public a close-up experience of the vertical farm movement in a contemporary installation, with organic-inspired graphic elements and a palette rooted in traditional and modern agriculture. 

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Artistic rendering of Nikki Pike and her proposed sculpture

Crescendo : Nikki Pike

Hydro backyard; June 2022

Denver, CO

The power of people + the power of the ocean. Strength/power + play/innovation. The installation of “Crescendo” is focused on the large grouping of waves placed centrally in the Hydro backyard. The waves flow throughout the entire backyard. With the diversity of the shape groupings and the overall expanse, the installation can hold up to 28 forms.

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Artistic rendering of Patrick Marold and his proposed sculpture

Bale : Patrick Marold

Terra plaza; Nov. 2021

Nederland, CO

The sculpture references the context of the food and agriculture building, while interpreting the literal bale for a reflective sculptural passage. It will provide a recognizable and welcoming feature that reflects surrounding light and shadow conditions.

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Artistic rendering of Eric Tillinghast on blueprint background

Swirl : Eric Tillinghast

Hydro interior; June 2022

Alhambra, CA

A sculpture that utilizes waters’ tendency to spiral to create a swirling water form that falls through the center space of the stairwell into a large catchment vase in the lobby. “Swirl” will consist of a rotating spout mounted to the ceiling of the third floor which emits a single stream of water that spirals down through the center space of the stairwell and is caught by a large vase form on the first floor. By illuminating the sculpture with programmable LED strobe lighting the water will not only catch the light as it falls but will also appear to be moving in slow motion, or even floating, as though it’s suspended mid-air.

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